John Colet and Hubris

  John Colet and Hubris

    Just over five hundred years ago, in 1509, Henry VIII became King of England and it was because of him that Protestantism was introduced into England.  In that same year, John Colet, son of the Lord Mayor of London introduced stoicism into the St Paul’s...

God’s Love and How to Receive it

God’s Love and How to Receive it

Some events and some experiences are so awesome that we find it difficult to capture them in words. The first Christians, for instance, found the Resurrection so utterly amazing that words failed them. Only the sun in all its splendour seemed an appropriate symbol to...

Learning to Love – The Meaning of Mystical Theology

Learning to Love – The Meaning of Mystical Theology

Many years ago Bishop Casey of Brentwood, England,  asked me to set up a Residential Retreat and Conference Centre in Chingford, London. He wanted to use it as a place where priests, religious and laity could come to learn about the Biblical Theology that had made the...

Through the Looking Glass – A Christmas Message

Through the Looking Glass – A Christmas Message

I saw my grandfather forty years after he died. I loved him with all my heart, not because he gave me toys, bought me ice cream or took me to the funfair, but because he loved me so much. I was only eight years old when he died of a heart attack and I cried myself to...

Deus Caritas – God is Love

Deus Caritas – God is Love

When Charles Dickens wrote, “God is love,” on the workhouse wall, he was of course being sarcastic. He knew there was no love in that workhouse, as Oliver Twist was about to find

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