Knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledge alone will never change anyone permanently. But the experience of being loved will!

Quote from 'Wisdom of the Western Isles - the Making of a Mystic'

This site presents in modern English the essential teaching of the great Catholic writers on prayer and spirituality throughout the last two thousand years.

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David Torkington is a Spiritual Theologian, Author and Speaker who specializes in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology.

For the past fifty years he has been communicating to his audience his profound love of the traditional and authentic Mystical and Biblical Theology that has inspired all his writings on prayer.

He has done this through his ability to express profound truths simply and truthfully in his inspiring lectures and retreats to religious and laity, in England, Ireland, Europe and Africa.

He was asked to lecture on Mystical Theology at the Angelicum in Rome as the only speaker who had practical knowledge and experience in Mystical Theology.

More recently he has concentrated on writing, blogging, podcasting and broadcasting.

He is a member of the most distinguished intellectual  club in London, The Athenaeum, Pall Mall, London.

David’s Publications, Audio visual and Interactive presentations

The primacy of Loving describes and explains in modern language the Christian Mystical Tradition.  A guide to living Christian mystical spirituality for all today and includes a historical synopsis of Christian Spirituality.

Wisdom from the Christian Mystics reintroduces us to the profound mystical spirituality which was the staple diet of Christians in the first centuries.

Wisdom from the Western Isles teaches the reader how to pray, from the very beginning to what St Teresa of Avila calls the Mystical Marriage.

Wisdom from Franciscan Italy details the implications of the revelation of the Primacy of Love received by Francis moments before he received the Stigmata.

How to Pray A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life published by Our Sunday Visitor Publications

Other publications: Inner Life, A New Beginning, Dear Susanna, Translations.

The Primacy of Loving shows how Christian spirituality was and still is family based and it is the long-awaited watershed that can slake the thirst of the dry weary land that has been yearning to receive it. The Primacy of Loving shows everyone a step-by-step guide on how to practise the simple, practical Christ-given spirituality that can change lives for the better. Publication date 9th December 2022 but pre-publication copies can be ordered by contacting David through this website on Contact David – David Torkington

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The Living Temple – Reflection on Easter

One of the most surprising truths that I learnt when I first started to study scripture was that there is no record of Christ going into the Temple to offer sacrifice.

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