Knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledge alone will never change anyone permanently. But the experience of being loved will!

Quote from 'Wisdom of the Western Isles - the Making of a Mystic'

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David Torkington is a Spiritual Theologian, Author and Speaker, who specializes in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology.

His personal spirituality is predominantly Franciscan, and his Mystical Theology Carmelite. He has sold over 450,000 books in more than twelve different languages.

He was educated at the Franciscan Study Centre, England and the National Catholic Radio and Television Centre, Hatch End, London where he was later appointed to the post of Dean of Studies.

He was extra mural lecturer in Mystical Theology at the Dominican University in Rome (The Angelicum). In addition to giving Retreats and lecturing all over Europe, he undertook five prolonged lecture tours to Africa, mainly Equatorial Africa, speaking on Prayer and Spirituality to Religious, Monks, Diocesan Priests and lay people.

When he is not writing, he spends time on his boat on the peaceful Beaulieu river in the New Forest, Hampshire. He is a member of The Athenaeum, Pall Mall, London

David’s Publications, Audio visual and Interactive presentations

Wisdom from the Christian Mystics reintroduces us to the profound mystical spirituality which was the staple diet of Christians in the first centuries.

Wisdom from the Western Isles teaches the reader how to pray, from the very beginning to what St Teresa of Avila calls the Mystical Marriage.

Wisdom from Franciscan Italy details the implications of the revelation of the Primacy of Love received by Francis moments before he received the Stigmata.

How to Pray A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Life published by Our Sunday Visitor Publications

Other publications: Inner Life, How to Pray, A New Beginning, Dear Susanna, Translations.

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The Living Temple – Reflection on Easter

One of the most surprising truths that I learnt when I first started to study scripture was that there is no record of Christ going into the Temple to offer sacrifice.

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