The second in a series of talks on Mystical Prayer. Given by David Torkington to members of the laity and the community at Belmont Abbey, Herefordshire, England.

2. From Meditation to the beginning of Mystical Contemplation

Each morning after his mother’s death, David’s father brought two cups of tea into his bedroom. Sitting on his bed, David’s father told him the story of his love for his mother. It was for David a moving story in which he came to see how marriage is a unique analogy enabling him to understand Mystical Prayer like never before. It is this moving analogy that makes this talk not only profoundly meaningful, but deeply inspiring for everyone who has tried to give themselves to another in selfless love no matter what the cost.

Non nobis Domine, DomineNon nobis Domine, Sed nomine, sed nomine tuo da gloriam:

Not to us lord, not to us, but to thy name let the glory be given:

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