The Resurrection pinpoints the moment in time when Christ is so possessed by Love, that he is raised up outside of time into a new form of existence, beyond all the laws and green island Poole harbour sunset.jpg web smalllimitations of the space-and-time world to which we belong, and into which he was born. Before the Resurrection  he was subject to all the restrictions that bind the rest of us. He too could only be in one place at any given moment. Contact with him therefore was necessarily limited to where he happened to be, how long he was going to stay there, and how many other people wanted to see him. Once Love had lifted him out of the world of space and time, however, he was freed from all those limiting laws and restrictions.  Now he can be present to countless numbers of people at any given moment simultaneously, because he can be present to them, not from the outside, but from the inside, through Love. Since Christ can come into contact with everyone through Love, then everyone can contact each other in him. Just as the spokes of a wheel automatically come closer to one another as they draw nearer to the centre, so everyone automatically comes closer to one another as they draw nearer to Christ. When we say ‘Our Father’ for instance, we don’t just mean that we pray with Christ, and in him, but also that we pray together with all humankind who are alive in him. We pray, not only with Mary and Joseph, with Peter and Paul, with Francis and Dominic, but with loved ones now dead, who have been reborn in Christ. Our prayer can reach out and unite us with other Christians who are  now languishing in the prisons of the world for the faith that we can so easily take for granted. It can enable us to bring strength and comfort to innocents, victims of vicious regimes, who are about to be tortured at this very moment.

The daily newspapers and even the news on the television can be used as an aid to prayer. When we  hear about those, whose suffering makes us feel so helpless,  we can  try to remember them too. For this is the time when they can be included in  our  morning offering, in with and through Christ , and with the love and support of all with whom we are united in his mystical family. This means that those for whom  we pray  are included in the ‘prayer without ceasing’ that  we  try make as  we endeavour  to transpose all that we have offered to God at the beginning of the day into practice through all we say and do throughout the day. I say ‘try’ because God judges the quality of our prayer, not by what we have achieved, or think we have achieved, but by how best we have tried, no matter how many times we have failed. As Simone Weil put it, “A person is no more than the quality if their endeavour.”


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