A Story Tellers Guide to a Grace-Filled Life

Tony Agnesi is a successful broadcast executive and  radio host from the state of Ohio in the USA. He gives generously of his free time to working with prisoners, the homeless and to anyone in need of the compassion and empathy that are the hallmarks of this remarkable man. His wife, Diane, shares his commitment to Christian ministry, serving on the board of the local pregnancy centre and  being involved in Eucharistic Adoration every week for over 25 years.

But above all else, at least for us, Tony is a writer and story teller from whom we can all learn. His remarkable humanity is perfectly embodied in this book. Not only is it a spiritual heirloom for his wife, children and grandchildren, but for all our children and grandchildren too.

Every page  of A Story Tellers Guide to a Grace- Filled Life, tells a story of faith, compassion, Christian service and love. There is something to read  every day to inspire all of us. It inspires  any open-minded reader to be of service to everyone, believer or non-believer as Jesus himself taught us to do (Matthew Chapter 25).    It is for every age and every denomination, as it is quite simply, a Christ-filled story of one man’s journey in faith and service that cannot fail to inspire others too, hopefully to follow his example.

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