Peter Calvay – Hermit

Episode 1: From Glasgow to Barra

In the first episode, the hermit, Peter Calvay, introduces himself and describes his spiritual journey which led to him living  the eremitical life on a remote island off the Scottish Outer Hebrides. James Robertson,  the academic who visits Barra with the intention of seeking spiritual help from Peter, takes up the story. He describes how he came to know of Peter and how he persuaded him to see him over a period of a week. He describes his journey on the island plane landing on the famous cockleshell beach. He arrives filled with expectation of how Peter, the Hermit will change his life over the forthcoming week.

This course is being produced as an audio-visual and interactive presentation by  Discerning Hearts Podcasts who are the main hosts of this course.


Broadcast on Radio Maria England


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